The Four C's to Moving Global Sustainability Forward

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As technology advances and our quality of life grows, it can be easy to forget to be mindful and supportive of the processes that lead us to sustainability. As event planners we understand that moving the conversation forward takes organized planning and a proactive approach with the big picture in mind.

We’ve broken it down into 4 easy to digest bits, to help you move sustainability forward in your life and business.

  1. Community
    As important as the individual is, the community provides a supportive network and operates as the vehicle to action. Sharing common attitudes, interests, we’re all working towards the same goal of improving our shared environment and boosting the entire Earth community’s quality-of-life. There’s a reason they say, “It takes a village to raise a child,” it’s the idea that an entire community of people must interact for those children to experience and grow in a safe and healthy environment. The same can be said for the planet and the shared experience we are all having. A community drives and cheers us on to do our part.

  2. Conversation
    Conversations cultivate and strengthen the growth of our relationships and communities. The understanding of a shared language connects us to one another. “Conversation is a reliable tool for thinking, alone and together. The back and forth, listening, building on what someone else said, and getting feedback are all built into conversation to help us accelerate learning.”

  3. Collaborative Partnership
    After you’ve determined where help is needed it’s easy to fall into the trap of only looking within your organization. Using your community you can find where the connections are, who might be the best person to scale up, aligning interests with similar and supporting organizations and determining where there is a void and filling it. It’s all about strategically joining forces to enable development.

  4. Commitment
    When we’re committed to doing our part in creating something- from organizing an event, creating a sustainable meat alternative or a to an overall healthy, sustainable future - we’re dedicating ourselves and our work to something we believe will have an impact.

If you’re finding that you’re missing one or two of these C’s, don’t worry, chances are someone else is too.
So plant the seed, cultivate your own community, keep having conversations that challenge and seek out those partnerships that advance and expand your work.